Threshold: Surveying the Domestic Wild is a large-scale sculptural installation on the campus of Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon by artist Paula Rebsom. It consists of a large-scale viewing blind constructed along the edge of a wildlife corridor that surrounds the campus. In the center of the wall is an open doorway where an existing animal trail, frequented by deer and other wildlife, leads in and out of the forest.

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This project was funded through the Marylhurst University Faculty Innovation & Excellence Fund and the Regional Arts and Cultural Council.



Special Thanks to: The Marylhurst Faculty Innovation and Excellence Fund Committee. Mark Struloeff, Gabe Sherburne, Gary Boom and Charlie Lammers from Marylhurst Facilities. Marylhurst University Faculty and Staff Jan Dabrowski, Paul Sutinen, Terri Hopkins, Kim Heinrich, Marlene Bauer and Dennis Cunningham. My husband Brian Long. Friends Tonya Able, Vicki Wilson, Wendy Given, Grant Hottle, and Mick Davis. Students Mike Dambach, Ben Mefford, Kelly Casad, and Adam Dabrowski. IT Services at Marylhrust University and the Rebuilding Center.


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